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Joint Research on Scatterometry and AFM Wafer Metrology

Bodermann, B., Buhr, E., Danzebrink, H.-U., Bär, M., Scholze, F., Krumrey, M., Wurm, M., Klapetek, P., Hansen, P.-E., Korpelainen, V., van Veghel, M., Yacoot, A., Siitonen, S., El Gawhary, O., Burger, S. and Saastamoinen, T.

Scatterometry, CD metrology, AFM, reference standard, rigorous modelling, inverse diffraction problem

Document typeProceeding
Journal title / SourceAIP Conference Proceedings
Issue319 (2011)
Publisher's nameAmerican Institute of Physics
Publication date 2011-11-10
Conference nameInternational Conference on Frontiers of Characterisation and Metrology for Nanoelectronics FCMN 2011
Conference date23-26 May 2011
Conference placeGrenoble, France

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