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Thermodynamic temperature assignment to the point of inflection of the melting curve of high-temperature fixed points

Wooliams, E.R (NPL), Anhalt, K (PTB), Ballico, M (NMIA), Bloembergen, P (AIST, NIM), Bourson, F (LNE-CNAM), Briaudeau, S (LNE-Cnam), Campos, J (CSIC), Cox, M.G (NPL), del Campo, D (Centro Español de Metrologia), Dong, W (NIM), Dury, M.R (NPL), Gavrilov, V (VNIIOFI), Grigoryeva, I (VNIIOFI), Hernanz, M.L (CSIC), Jahan, F (NMIA), Khlevnoy, B (VNIIOFI), Khromchenko, V (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Lowe, D.H (NPL), Lu, X (NIM), Machin, G (NPL), Mantilla, J.M (Centro Español de Metrologia), Martin, M.J (Centro Español de Metrologia), McEvoy, H.C (NPL), Rougie, B (LNE-Cnam), Saldi, M (LNE-Cnam), Salim, S.G.R (LNE-Cnam, NIS), Sasajima, N (AIST), Taubert, D.R (PTB), Todd, A.D.W (National Research Council Canada) and Van den Bossche, R (NPL, University of Surrey)

high-temperature fixed points, thermodynamic temperature, thermometry, temperature scale, kelvin, eutectics

Document typeArticle
Journal title / SourcePhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
Peer-reviewed articleYes
Page numbers / Article number20150044
Publisher's nameThe Royal Society
Publisher's address (city only)London
Publication date 2016-03-28
Web URLhttp://rsta.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/374/2064/20150044

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