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Close-range environmental remote sensing with 3D hyperspectral technologies
Khoramshahi, E., Rosnell, T., Viljanen, N., Kaasalainen, S., Hakala, T., Honkavaara, E., Nevalainen, O. and Näsi, R.

Earth Resources and Environmental Remote Sensing/GIS Applications VII 10005 (2016)

Project title: 
ENV53: MetEOC2: Metrology for earth observation and climate
Name of Call / Funding Programme: 
EMRP A169: Call 2013 Environment II
A precise two-channel digitally synthesized AC voltage source for impedance metrology
Nissilä, J., Ojasalo, K., Kampik, M., Kaasalainen, J., Maisi, V., Casserly, M., Overney, F., Christensen, A., Callegaro, L., D'Elia, V., Tran, N. T. M., Pourdanesh, F., Ortolano, M., Kim, D. B., Penttilä, J. and Roschier, L.

CPEM 2014 Digest (2014) , 768 - 769

Project title: 
SIB53: AIM QuTE: Automated impedance metrology extending the quantum toolbox for electricity
Name of Call / Funding Programme: 
EMRP A169: Call 2012 SI Broader scope (II)
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