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The influence of some relevant metallic impurities in the triple point of mercury temperature
Tabacaru, C. (Centro Español de Metrología), del Campo, D. (Centro Español de Metrología), Gómez, E. (Centro Español de Metrología), García Izquierdo, C. (Centro Español de Metrología), Welna, A. (Główny Urząd Miar), Kalemci, M. (TUBITAK UME) and Pehlivan, Ö (TUBITAK UME)

Metrologia 53 (2016) , 51-60

Project title: 
SIB10: NOTED: Novel techniques for traceable temperature dissemination
Name of Call / Funding Programme: 
EMRP A169: Call 2011 SI Broader Scope
An Apparatus Based on a spehrical resonator for measuring the speed of sound in gases and for determining the Boltzmann constant
Segovia, J. J., Vega Maza, D., Martin, M. C., Gomez, E., Tabacaru, C. and del Campo, D.

International Journal of Thermophysics 31 (2010) , 1294-1309

Project title: 
T1.J1.4: Boltzmann constant: Determination of the Boltzmann constant for the redefinition of the kelvin
Name of Call / Funding Programme: 
iMERA-Plus: Call 2007 SI and Fundamental Metrology
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