Zoltan Zelenka is new chair of EURAMET’s TC Mass and Related Quantities

EURAMET welcomes Zoltan Zelenka (BEV, Austria) as chair of Technical Committee (TC) for Mass and Related Quantities.

Zoltan studied mechanical engineering and finished his PhD studies in 1992 at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary. Between 1988 and 2008, he was working at the Hungarian National Metrology Institute before joining BEV, the Austrian National Metrology Institute as senior metrology expert. His responsibilities include high-level calibration of mass standards, development of calibration procedures and software tools, alongside the provision of technical support in other mass related areas.

Internationally, Zoltan is active in mass metrology. Besides being a delegate to the CIPM Consultative Committee for Mass and Related Quantities, he is involved in the digital transformation of metrology as a member of EURAMET's working group M4D under the umbrella of TC Interdisciplinary Metrology.

Zoltan supports a broader metrological community as Secretary-General of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO). He is participating in three of the Confederation's technical committees: TC3 (Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque), TC8 (Traceability in Metrology) and as the Scientific-Secretary of TC6 (Digitalisation).

As the new chair of TC-M, Zoltan supports technical developments in mass related metrology, such as the realisation of the redefined kilogram, metrology of small weights and dynamic measurements. He believes that mass metrology can benefit from digital transformation, including information technologies, artificial intelligence and machine-readable certificates. In the light of EURAMET's ambitions and related strategic objectives of TC-M, Zoltan recognises the importance of developing new research topics, fostering the interaction with stakeholders, and promoting cross-theme projects amongst different EURAMET structures.

Zoltan plans to further improve TC-M functioning including "a more balanced distribution of workload amongst the TC experts - for example concerning the activities related to the organisation of intercomparisons."

Zoltan further explained:

"TC-M is not limited to mass, but also includes density, pressure, force, torque, hardness and gravity measurements. Consequently, numerous European Metrology Networks are interested in the technological advancements within our field of expertise. Typical examples include instruments, sensors and recently developed advanced measurement techniques. In this context, we will strive to support mutual communication and collaboration within the EURAMET community."

Recently, the Technical Committee Contact Persons met with digital transformation experts to exchange information on digital-related topics, such as digital calibration certificates (DCCs). "There is still a lot to do, even if there are calibration guides to facilitate the harmonisation of the DCCs."

Finishing with a personal motto adopted from the Dalai Lama, Zoltan genuinely believes that the meaning of life is "to be happy and useful".

EURAMET wishes Zoltan plenty of success in his new role and extends its sincere thanks to his predecessor Fredrik Arrhén (RISE, Sweden), who held the position from 2019 to 2021.

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