World Metrology Day 2013 – Measurements in daily life

May 20 is World Metrology Day, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875, which provides the basis for a coherent measurement system worldwide.
The World Metrology Day (WMD) project is realized jointly by the
BIPM and the OIML and the theme for 2013 is "Measurements in daily life". The event aims to show how many measurements come into play in the course of a typical day, whether checking the time, purchasing food or produce, filling up a vehicle with fuel, or undergoing a blood pressure check. The WMD shall draw attention to the impact of the measurements that we as citizens come across in our daily lives.

If you want to learn more about the World Metrology Day or if your country or metrology organization plans to take part by carrying out an event, please tell the WMD team. E-Mail:

WMD Press Release

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