White paper on nano and microflow rate measurement produced by EMRP project HLT07 MeDD

One of the most important aspects of drug delivery is the amount of drug delivered, but knowing the flow rate - how fast a quantity of drug is delivered - can also be vital for safe and efficient health care treatment.

Joint Research Project HLT07 - Metrology for drug delivery (short name: MeDD) will develop measurement services for low flow rates, e.g. between 10 nL/min and 10 mL/min, and assess the performance of commercial flow meters and drug delivery devices.

JRP-Partners wrote a white paper on micro and nanoflow rate measurement. Defining the regions (1 - 1000) µL/min as microflow and (1 - 1000) nL/min as nanoflow, this white paper describes various principles for a primary realisation of nano and micro liquid flow rates. The white paper is tailored to researchers who want to know more about primary realisation of nano and microflow rates. Several metrology institutes in Europe and Asia are currently considering to develop a primary standard for nano and microflow rates, hence, following the white paper, researchers can understand the main and important principles.

The primary standards described in the white paper have been validated by means of an EURAMET research intercomparison (project 1291). Following this validation, the accreditation process for various primary standards is started and calibration services are expected to be launched in 2015. The developed primary standards including validation have been presented at a one day symposium in Lübeck (in cooperation with the Summer Academy of FH Lübeck). Following this one day symposium, a full paper describing the primary standards and validation will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Biomedical Engineering.

For more information on HLT07 visit the EURAMET project page >>

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