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What should you expect at this year’s metrology congress?

Co-chairs of CIM's organising committee: Pierre Claudel (CETIAT, France) and Miruna Dobre (SMD, Belgium)

Interview with organising committee chairpersons of CIM 2017

The 18th International Metrology Congress (CIM) will be held in Paris, France, from 19 to 21 September 2017. The theme of this year's congress is 'Measure to Create the Future', and the congress will focus on research and development, and best practice for measurement in industry. EURAMET will participate in the congress and has talked to Pierre Claudel (CETIAT, France) and Miruna Dobre (SMD, Belgium), chairs of the organising committee, about their expectations on the event.

EURAMET: The theme of this year's International Metrology Congress is 'Measure to Create the Future'. What is the rationale behind this theme?
Pierre: There are two main reasons for choosing this theme. The first is the latest digital revolution in industry and with it the concepts of Industry 4.0, concerned with the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, and industry of the future. It seems clear that industry will be more connected, more communicative and more automated, and therefore needs to rely on an increasing number of sensors. Measurements are going to play a central role in this industry of the future and metrology will be inescapable. People who are interested in this topic should attend the session on 'Metrology 4.0', the round table on 'Dynamic measurement and factory of the future, the metrology input' and the poster session 'IA and Data metrology'. The second reason for choosing this theme is connected to the revision of the International System of Units planned for 2018.

EURAMET: The International Metrology Congress has a long running tradition and will take place for the 18th time. What is the goal of the International Metrology Congress, and has this evolved over the years?
The first International Metrology Congress in 1983 gathered 80 participants, and we expect 10 times as many this year. From the beginning the congress has been designed as a forum where metrology users and providers exchange ideas about needs, trends and developments. Benefiting from joint organisation with a trade show on innovative technologies, the congress grew into a large event reaching 500 attendees in 2003. The unique opportunity to meet end-users of measurement technology, manufacturers of measuring equipment and academics and researchers, attracts metrologists from all over the world.

EURAMET: How many participants and visitors do you expect?
We expect at least 800 participants at the congress, but we are hoping to achieve around 1000. In addition, we hope to increase the number of international participants, which was about 30 % during the previous CIM in 2015.

EURAMET: The programme includes round table sessions, presentations and poster sessions across a broad range of topics. How do you rate the scientific importance of the event?
The scientific committee was eager to organise a diverse and high quality conference programme. With 185 presentations covering fields such as electrical and dimensional metrology, uncertainty, mathematical modelling and also applied metrology, in dedicated sections such as metrology for health, we hope to achieve a 360° view of the metrology state-of-the-art. The round tables on emerging topics such as dynamic measurement, or drone-based inspection, will complete the picture.It is worth mentioning that the conference is also a showcase for collaborative research in Europe, clearly identified in the programme by the EURAMET logo. One third of the speakers are presenting results obtained in the framework of EMRP or EMPIR projects.

EURAMET: There is an exhibition alongside the conference. What kind of exhibitors can visitors expect to meet there?
The exhibition takes place in parallel with the congress, and we expect about 5000 visitors over the three days. The Metrology Village consists of an additional 1000 square metres of booths. Visitors can expect to see manufacturers of measurement technologies, metrology service providers particularly in calibration, and also national metrology bodies and associations.

EURAMET: EURAMET will have a stand at the congress in the metrology village. How can NMIs and DIs participate and profit from the congress?
This is a great opportunity for NMIs and DIs to draw the attention of end-users to new services, methods or instruments developed in European joint research projects. I especially encourage project coordinators to seize this chance to increase the impact of research outputs.

EURAMET: What are your personal highlights of this year's programme?
The programme is very rich, so it is difficult to choose. Personally, I am interested in the contributions around the use of drones for measurements. There will be a round table on 'Drone-based inspection and monitoring: new challenges for measuring' and also a demonstration of the use of a drone to scan a voluminous and complex object. Attend CIM 2017, it will be fascinating!
Miruna: If you want to feel the pulse of the metrology community, attend the poster sessions. Walk among more than 100 diverse research presentations, listen to passionate discussions between authors and future end-users and get the most out of this unique crossroads between R&D and industrial applications. Looking forward to meeting you in September!

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