The European Partnership on Metrology officially launched in March 2022

European Union and EURAMET signed Partnership Agreement


The European Union (EU), represented by the European Commission (EC), and EURAMET, signed the agreement on the implementation of the European Partnership on Metrology on 31 March 2022.


The ‘Financial Framework Partnership Agreement’ details the implementation of the Partnership, and the tasks which are delegated from the EC to EURAMET in the administration of the Partnership.




The online signing ceremony was attended by representatives of both organisations, including the signatories Peter Dröll, Director for Prosperity at DG Research, EURAMET Chairperson Jörn Stenger and Vice-Chairperson (EMPIR) Maguelonne Chambon.


‘’Happy to sign with the trusted partners from EURAMET the framework agreement implementing the European partnership on metrology. Metrology, the science of measurement, is behind all the precision we need in the technologies for the twin transition, health and prosperity,’’ says Peter Dröll, Director Prosperity, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission.

“The signing of the agreement marks the accomplishment of a long process and is at the same time the start of an important journey for Europe’s metrology community”, comments Jörn Stenger. “On behalf of EURAMET I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all who have contributed to the development of the Metrology Partnership. This includes the Commission, particularly Peter Dröll and Jürgen Tiedje, the European Parliament, especially Maria da Graça Carvalho, MEP and Rapporteur, the Council, stakeholders worldwide, and of course EURAMET’s members and the colleagues in the Secretariat.”

Maguelonne Chambon adds: “With the formal launch accomplished, the Metrology Partnership is now ready to bring together the measurement science community and stakeholders to deliver on global challenges including health and climate, support for the European Green Deal, and the underpinning of innovation at all levels through collaborative research. We look forward to continuing the close and successful collaboration with the EC.”

Metrology Partnership
European Partnerships are a key implementation tool of the European Commission’s Horizon Europe; an ambitious research and innovation programme, running from 2021 to 2027.

Key aims of the Metrology Partnership are to support the transition towards a green, climate neutral and digital Europe, as well as to strengthen the resilience, competitiveness, and economic growth of the European industry. Further topics that will be covered include metrology for health, standardisation, fundamental metrology and knowledge transfer and capacity building measures.

The Metrology Partnership is co-funded by the Member States and the European Union with an expected budget of over 650 million euro. Its impact is expected to be manifold, as it will support a wide range of policies, commerce and advancement of key European challenges.

“Metrology is a cross-cutting discipline. Therefore, EURAMET and the Metrology Partnership have started to build strong relationships and synergies with other European Partnerships, programmes and initiatives to serve stakeholders and their needs”, says Mikko Merimaa, EURAMET General Secretary.

Dagmar Auerbach, EURAMET Programme Manager, continues: “We are prepared to enter the next stage now. First research projects within the Partnership will start this summer; aiming to provide metrological solutions for needs in the field of the EU’s Green Deal and standardisation. Another call focussing on metrology for health, standardisation, digital transformation, research potential and integrated European metrology is currently running.”

The Metrology Partnership builds on the progress achieved under the previous European Metrology Research Programmes, and aims to break new ground by contributing to the development of self-sustained, coordinated metrology infrastructures, with the capacity to continue joint research and innovation after 2030.

Learn more about the Metrology Partnership and its goals >>


Following initial concepts for a range of Partnerships proposed by the Commission in 2019, EURAMET prepared a draft proposal detailing a European Partnership on Metrology to accelerate the global lead of Europe in metrology research.

At the same time, the Commission conducted a formal impact assessment and public consultation to identify the best option for advancing metrology research and innovation at European level. Member States were asked to indicate their commitments to provide additional funding from the national budgets.

As a result of these considerations, the EC published its proposal for a European Partnership on Metrology in February 2021.
The Metrology Partnership is based on Article 185 TFEU, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and was adopted by a decision of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in mid-November 2021, following consultations with the Economic and Social Committee.

After the publication of the decision in the Official Journal it came into force on 1 December 2021.

With the signature of the Financial Framework Partnership Agreement on 31 March 2022 of the Metrology Partnership is officially put into operation.


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