The EMN for Quantum Technologies has its Kickoff Meeting

1 July 2019 at LNE in Paris

Scientists from 18 European NMIs gathered together at the Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d'Essais (LNE) in Paris for the launch of the European Metrology Network (EMN) for Quantum Technologies (Q) on the 1 July 2019.

The key objective of this network is to support quantum technologies by developing measurement services and globally-accepted standards. Several large companies have already started to engineer quantum devices or integrate them into their products so standardisation and reliability will continue to be fundamental to the commercial success and progress in research and development for quantum technologies.  

The meeting was directed by Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, the acting EMN-Q Chair. Sébastien Bize, Christopher Chunnilall and Hansjoerg Scherer attended as acting Vice-Chairs of three different sectors; quantum clocks & atomic sensors, quantum photonics and quantum electronics, respectively. 

“Metrology plays a strategic role for the creation of trustable quantum technology, in order to speed-up the take-up and guarantee its success”, Ivo says. “The only way to demonstrate our ability to support the needs of industry and society is to bring the European measurement community together: EMN-Q is meant to be the metrological infrastructure to develop this new field of metrology efficiently, to help progress and promote the second quantum revolution”.

Next steps involve the first General Meeting and engagement with stakeholders, with a view to fully establish a coordinated research plan for Europe for adopting the necessary metrology to support the development of quantum technologies. EMN-Q activities will be coordinated alongside the objectives of the EC Quantum Technologies Flagship and other national and international governmental programmes, as well as supporting industrial requirements.

For more information about the EMN for Quantum Technologies (Quantum), please contact Ivo Pietro Degiovanni ( or subscribe to the EURAMET newsletter: 

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