TEMPMEKO 2013 provided perfect surrounding for EURAMET Impact Prize

Funchal, capital of Portugal's Madeira Islands, was the location for the 12th International Symposium on Temperature and Thermal Measurements in Industry and Science (TEMPMEKO) in October. The conference is an event jointly organised by the Portuguese Society of Metrology (SPMet) and the Portuguese Association of Accredited Laboratories (RELACRE) and supported by IMEKO TC 12 (International Measurement Confederation - Temperature and Thermal Measurements). EURAMET is very grateful that the Organising Committee of TEMPMEKO provided the perfect surrounding for the presentation of this year's Impact Prize.

Prize winner was Andrea Merlone, Coordinator of the Joint Research Project "Metrology for pressure, temperature, humidity and airspeed in the atmosphere" (MeteoMet) and senior researcher at INRIM (Instituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica, Italy). Metrology and meteorology are two words that are easily confused. One concerns the science of measurement and the other the study of the atmosphere. The MeteoMet project is bringing these two disciplines together to provide better measurements of temperature, pressure, humidity and airspeed, which are vital for our understanding of Earth's weather and climate.

At TEMPMEKO's opening event Janko Drnovšek, EURAMET Vice-Chairperson (GA), presented the prize to Andrea. "Andrea's engagement led to a successful project within our European Metrology Research Programme and made him the well-deserved winner of the Impact Prize 2013. Right from the start he integrated metrological competence from all over Europe and liaised with key stakeholders, such as the World Meteorological Organization."

Eduarda Filipe, EURAMET Delegate and Chair of the Organising Committee of TEMPMEKO 2013, was happy bringing the events together: "It was a mutual enrichment, especially as the winner is an expert in thermal measurements and application and well known in both communities."

TEMPMEKO 2013 was very well attended: More than 300 delegates from 42 countries across all continents participated in the conference. Additionally 15 international instrumentation manufacturers attended the event. Almost 400 high level scientific communications were presented and four worldwide known keynote speakers completed the success of the symposium.

The EURAMET Impact Prize is awarded annually to the individual who has demonstrated the best impact from a Joint Research Project or associated Researcher Excellence Grant. Nomination and selection is carried out by the EMRP Committee and the Research Council. The next application phase will start beginning of 2014.

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