Successful stakeholder workshop on ammonia metrology

Participants of the 1st workshop on progress in ammonia metrology at PTB Braunschweig

EMRP project ENV55 'Metrology for ammonia in ambient air' held a successful first workshop on progress in ammonia metrology.

Measuring ammonia in ambient air is important due to its harmful effects on human health and ecosystems. The European Directive 2001/81/EC on "National Emission Ceilings for Certain Atmospheric Pollutants (NEC)" regulates ammonia emissions in member states. However, there is a lack of regulation to ensure that ammonia measurements are reliable. The goal of this project is to establish metrological traceability for ammonia measurements in ambient air, from primary certified reference materials (CRM) and instrumental standards, to measurements in the field.

The project workshop was held on 24 - 25 February 2016. 50 project partners, collaborators, advisors and stakeholders seized the opportunity to exchange their latest findings on a variety of topics, including a traceable portable gas standard generator and a new instrument for ammonia monitoring.

The news section on the project website contains the latest announcements of project activities, including first-hand information on the field inter-comparison taking place in Scotland this summer, and the second MetNH3 workshop planned for May 2017.

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