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Successful EURAMET poster session at Metrology for Climate Action Workshop

EURAMET was delighted to be a partner of this BIPM and WMO workshop

The workshop

Over 1000 people registered for the Metrology for Climate Action Workshop, hosted jointly by BIPM and WMO, and held online during the last week of September 2022.

The online workshop was attended by experts and stakeholders active in the fields of climate science, observations, greenhouse gas mitigation and measurement, modelling and measurement science willing to contribute to the development of recommendations on key technical challenge areas for metrology in these fields.

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Present progress and identify requirements for further development of advanced measurements, standards, reference data, comparisons and calibration thereby supporting the physical science basis for and adaptation to climate change
  • Identify stakeholders’ metrology needs, assess current metrological techniques, analyses, and modelling capabilities, and identify gaps in quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and uptake for effective actions on mitigating climate change and its impacts

Earlier events

This workshop follows on from two previous events, one in 2010 on Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring and the second in 2015 on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements.

EURAMET at the workshop

EURAMET was delighted to be a partner of the BIPM and WMO Metrology for Climate Action Workshop, and that Emma Woolliams, Chair of the Climate and Ocean Observation European Metrology Network, co-chaired the workshop’s theme 1 : metrology in support of the physical science basis of climate change and climate observations.

In addition, EURAMET hosted a room for the two day online interactive poster session. Participants used an online platform called Gather Town to view and discuss the posters.  

The posters gave information about EURAMET and the Metrology Partnership, the European Metrology Networks and the EURAMET Technical Committees. Throughout the sessions Network Chairs and other Network members were on hand to discuss measurement issues and challenges related to the topics of the posters.

Workshop recommendations

The output of the workshop will be a set of recommendations on key technical challenge areas for metrology over the next decade.

Emma Woolliams, Chair of the Climate and Ocean Observation EMN said

‘The workshop brought together experts from all aspects of climate observation: from those making measurements with instruments in Antarctica to those developing a terrestrial biosphere model based on satellite observations. This provided plenty of opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning, and exciting conversations about future collaborations. The expert teams are now consolidating the discussions of the workshop to create a set of documented recommendations that will be published in late November’.

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