Solving the siloxane measurement problem

On line measurements capture the trends that grab samples may miss
On line measurements capture the trends that grab samples may miss

EMPIR project demonstrates benefits of traceable on-line measurement of siloxanes in industrial biogas

Natural gas resources are declining and the EU depends on alternative gases, such as biogas, to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Impurities in biogases, such as siloxanes, need to be measured and closely monitored as they can cause problems during processing and use. EMRP project ENG01 'Characterisation of Energy Gases' developed reference gas mixtures and accurate methods to measure them. Using these results, EMPIR project Field trial of traceable online measurements of siloxanes in landfill gases (14SIP06 Siloxanes) has tested an innovative online instrument (AtmosFIR), developed by UK manufacturer Protea.

This project has demonstrated that the instrument offers a viable solution to the siloxane measurement challenge and can provide plant operators with quality assurance. The work has been  described in many industry trade journals including the European Biogas Association (EBA), Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and Bioenergy Insight magazine, reaching a relevant audience in the tens of thousands. The validation of measurement techniques, such as this, will ensure that biogas can play a significant role in delivering sustainable and secure energy in the future. 

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