Software developed in EMPIR project is used to test face masks

A software tool for conformance testing of measurement devices is now available, and being used to help with the recovery from COVID-19

The software and COVID-19

Free to download, a new CAsoft software was developed by EMPIR project Software to maximize end user uptake of conformity assessment with measurement uncertainty (17SIP05, CAsoft) makes it possible to calculate the risk of an incorrect decision associated with conformity assessment, when measurement uncertainty is taken into account. This can lead to reduced manufacturing costs and improved product safety. Any measurement related to COVID-19 recovery which is used for comparison purposes with a tolerance limit is likely to benefit from the use of CASoft.


The Software, CAsoft user manual and Licence agreement are all available via the project website.

The software is currently being used at LNE to evaluate the risks of an incorrect decision associated with the testing of the filtration efficiency of face masks. The measurement result is a ratio between upstream and downstream particle concentration measured on both side of the mask. From the associated measurement uncertainty and the tolerance limit (specified by a regulation authority and standardisation), the software allows to calculate the probability of an incorrect decision about the conformity of the face mask.

The project

From aerospace and automotive industries to the energy and health sectors, test and measurement equipment is used to assess systems and products. Confidently placing the testing instruments into service requires robust evaluation of their performance and associated levels of uncertainty. In some cases, equipment may need to be assessed against multiple tolerance criteria, but methods required for doing so are not offered in current guides and standards. With an easy-to-use software tool to address this conformance testing challenge, users could benefit from improved cost efficiency and better product safety.

EMPIR project Software to maximize end user uptake of conformity assessment with measurement uncertainty is working on software developed by earlier EMRP project Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation (New04, Uncertainty) to advance it further, including the complex assessment of multiple tolerance criteria. This software has the potential to impact on a very broad range of topics.

Alexandre Allard from LNE, Project Coordinator said

The project led to the release of this software that is expected to have a large impact on the community for the uptake of the reference document JCGM106:2012 The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment. Decision-making in conformity assessment are performed every day in many fields, including the fight against COVID-19. The produced software helps in making trustworthy measurements and a transparent decision-making process’.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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