Registration open: EURAMET Webinar on Research Potential Call Scope 2019

Wednesday 12 December 2018, 10 - 11:30 CET

In preparation of the 2019 EURAMET Research Potential (RPT) Call, the webinar will inform Proposed Research Topics (PRT) authors about the changes to the RPT Call Scope, discuss some existing proposals which are in line with the amended scope and enable identification of further PRTs.

Compared to earlier calls, the 2019 RPT Scope envisages that the Proposed Research Topics (PRTs) should build on developments in larger JRPs and / or to develop capabilities to take part in European Metrology Networks (EMNs).

The target audience of the webinar are potential PRT authors and later RPT project coordinators in EMPIR. Representatives of EMNs are invited to discuss with participants how RPT projects could develop participating institutes’ capabilities to participate in EMNs.

For questions please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer Tanasko Tasić.

More details are available at EURAMET Webinar on Research Potential Call Scope 2019, 12th December 2018.

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