QKD Network Demonstration and Conference

On behalf of  QUROPE, I would like to inform you of an important upcoming event for the European Quantum Information Communication and Processing  communities organised by the EU project SECOQC. 


QKD NetworkDemonstrationandConference

Vienna,Oct. 8-10, 2008


This event highlights latest developments of technologies relevant for QKD in networks!

The first live demonstration of a working quantum key distribution (QKD) network will take place in Vienna in the framework of the SECOQC Demonstration and International Conference. Eight QKD-links will be combined in a novel quantum-back-bone network physically deployed within a typical metropolitan area network to connect different company sites from SIEMENS Austria. Typical applications for QKD, to secure data traffic from telephony and video conferencing, will also be included in the demonstration.

Also included in the conference program is the kick-off of the ETSI Industry Specification Group on Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Technologies - an output of the SECOQC standardisation initiative.

Summaries for many contributions are already online:


For further information please visit

We are looking forward to welcome you in Vienna at the QKD Network Demonstration!

On behalf of QUROPE


Dr Robert Thew

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