Published good practice guide on leak detection

Machine for leak testing of compressors – Courtesy of Lazzero tecnologie srl – Torino-Italy

A practical guide for ‘Metrology of leak detection’ developed by the EMRP project IND12 ‘Vacuum’ has been published online.

Leaks are not only a major problem in vacuum technology, where they limit the ultimate pressure and purity a process gas can reach in a vacuum, but also in a range of other technologies for operational, security and environmental reasons. The limitation of refrigerant gas leakages was highlighted in regulations from the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

The above examples are far from exhaustive, leak measurement is a crucial concern in many industries.  The practical guide, developed in EMRP project IND12 ‘Vacuum metrology for production environments’ explains the tools and theory for gas leak detection in the field, in a range from 1 x 10-10 Pa.m3s-1 to 1 x 10-4 Pa.m3s-1. The guide focuses on helium leak and refrigerant leak detection, and provides the reader with useful technical information, uncertainty assessments for helium detectors, and knowledge about refrigerant detector evaluation according to the European standard EN14624:2012.

The guide can be downloaded from the publications section of the project website and here

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