Project publishes video entitled ‘Small field dosimetry for MR guided radiotherapy’

Image showing MRI scan machine
MRI scan machine

Supporting innovations in combined imaging and radiation cancer treatment by standardising dose measurements

The project

MR guided RadioTherapy (MRgRT), the combined use of radiation beams to target the tumours and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to provide image of soft tissue contrast, was recently introduced into clinics. This combined treatment has demonstrated the potential for delivering fewer adverse side-effects and more effective treatments, however full clinical utilisation of the treatment is hampered by the lack of standards for small field dosimetry.

Completed EMPIR project Traceable dosimetry for small fields in MR-guided radiotherapy (19NRM01, MRgRT-DOS) developed traceable measurements of radiation dose in small radiation fields, produced by both x-ray and proton-based therapies in the presence of strong magnetic fields. The methods, technologies, and guidance produced during the project have been promoted to standards bodies as input to future updates of Codes of Practice (e.g. TRS-483) and to end-users, such as hospitals and manufacturers. Outcomes of the project are designed to enable harmonised and effective approaches to treatment, new measurement services and accelerated product innovation. For many cancer patients, this could lead to improved survival rates and better quality of life.

The video

In September, the consortium organised a webinar on small field dosimetry for MRgRT as part of the CCRI webinar series. The webinar discussed the state of the art of MRI linac technology, detector characteristics, extension of existing codes of practice (e.g. TRS-483) to small fields in MRgRT, Monte Carlo simulations of detector types specific output correction factors in the presence of magnetic fields, Possibilities and limitations of experimental facilities.

This webinar was live attended by more than 150 attendees from the medical physics, community, standards bodies and manufacturers and is available from the CCRI webinar channel Small field dosimetry for MR guided radiotherapy.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States

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