New version of volume metrology calibration guidelines available

A vital document for volume metrology, calibration guideline No. 19 ‘Guidelines on the Determination of Uncertainty in Gravimetric Volume Calibration’ (CG19), has recently been updated.

CG19 has undergone a number of important revisions aimed at harmonising and updating the uncertainty calculation in gravimetric volume determination and enhancing results obtained by laboratories performing volume calibrations.

Revised content

Used for uncertainty calculations in the calibration of several volumetric instruments, from micropipettes to proving tanks, the CG19 now encompasses cutting-edge expertise and research, as well as new practical information on methods and techniques. This includes:

  • The addition of the CIPM-2007 air density equation
  • Inclusion of the variation between instrument and air temperature for water temperature uncertainty 
  • New uncertainty calculation methodology for water density 
  • Inclusion of uncertainty on handling of volume instruments
  • Harmonisation of the mass uncertainty determination with EURAMET’s calibration guide 18 (Guidelines on the Calibration of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments)

International revision group

The group responsible for the revision consisted of members of EURAMET’s Technical Committees for Flow and Mass and Related Quantities: Elsa Batista (IPQ, Portugal), who proposed the revision of the guide in 2017, worked together with Andrea Malengo, (INRIM, Italy), Zoe Metaxiotou (EIM, Greece), Alfonso Lobo Robledo, (CEM, Spain), Umit Akcadag (UME, Turkey) and Ljiljana Micic (DMDM, Serbia) on the new CG19. It has now been adopted by several ISO technical committees in standards under revision, like ISO 8655-6 and ISO 7886-2, and is available on the EURAMET website.

“It is a job I have proudly coordinated as I know it contributes to the development of volume metrology all around the world.” says Elsa. 

Users of the document are both National Metrology Institutes and accredited laboratories that perform calibration of volumetric instruments and need to determine the volume measurement uncertainty.

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