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New online service portal for hydrogen vehicles

Image of a hydrogen fuel cell car

Thanks to a now completed EMPIR project a range of services for hydrogen powered vehicles is now available online

Alternative transport fuels to petrochemicals such as diesel or petrol are essential to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impact of climate change.

Hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to revolutionise the automotive industry– with the only by product from the combustion process being water vapour.

However, until the work of recently completed EMPIR project Metrology for hydrogen vehicles (16ENG01, MetroHyVe) there was no metrological data for hydrogen flow metering or impurities in the hydrogen fuel.

This project successfully addressed these challenges, and the project now has an online Hydrogen Measurement Service Hub detailing the various metrological services across Europe that have been developed by the members of the project’s consortium during the course of the project.

With a range of services available across Europe – including hydrogen purity analysis, flow metering and a range of hydrogen gas standards – this will help an increased uptake of hydrogen-fuelled cars, helping Europe to achieve its goal of being the first carbon-neutral continent.

Work is also continuing in the follow on EMPIR project Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2 (19ENG04, MetroHyVe 2) which is extending the work performed to help standardise measurements for the accurate dispensing of fuel for heavy-duty vehicles that require higher flow rates.

Arul Murugan from NPL, Coordinator for the Project said

‘EMPIR MetroHyVe brought together the leading experts in hydrogen flow metering and gas quality assurance from Europe to develop the new standards, services, guidance and training that hydrogen industry required. The portal can be accessed by anyone worldwide to find the metrology service they need, whether they are a refuelling station that needs to check hydrogen purity at the nozzle or a flow metering supplier that requires performance testing of their new devices.”

These new measurement capabilities are expected to enable fuel quality to comply to legislation and will be critical for unlocking the potential for wider deployment of hydrogen for heavy-duty road transport in Europe.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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