New network for Radiation Protection votes in its first Chairpersons

Newly elected people start their terms and are keen to contribute to the development of European metrology


Radiation is invisible, potentially harmful and more than 23 million people around the world are exposed to ionising radiation in the workplace alone.
Advances in such things as nuclear medicine or radiation therapy, the technological use of ionising radiation in industry, isotope production facilities and other sectors require careful optimisation to avoid unnecessary exposure of workers and public to radiation.

In addition, people are spending more time indoors, meaning that the exposure to radiation from natural sources is also on the rise due to changes in living conditions. This is especially the case with radon exposure, which is increased in buildings, or exposure from other natural radioactive substances in building materials (so-called Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials: NORM). Members of the public must also be protected in the event of an emergency exposure situation.

To support tackling the challenges in this field, EURAMET launched the European Metrology Network (EMN) for Radiation Protection in 2021.

Members of the new network have now voted in its first Chair, Annette Röttger (PTB, Germany), Vice-Chair, Teemu Siiskonen (STUK, Finland) and Secretary Behnam Khanbabaee (PTB, Germany).

In this important phase of establishing the EMN all three candidates, with a strong background in the radiation area, will help steer and guide the new network until February 2025.

By providing a harmonised, sustainable, and coordinated metrological structure this network will act as a single point of contact for addressing measurement science needs related to radiation protection issues across Europe.

EURAMET would like to extend its congratulations to the elected Chair, the Vice-Chair and the Secretary and wishes them all the best in their new roles!

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