New industrial prototype to aid decommissioning nuclear facilities

Photograph of the free release measurement facility

A new large-scale industrial prototype installed in decommissioning site at JRC Ispra for free release measurement

During the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, a significant quantity of the waste generated can be recycled and reused if the dose levels meet the strict requirements for ‘free release’ from regulatory control. EMRP project Metrology for Radioactive Waste Management (ENV09 MetroRWM) developed a facility for standardised traceable free release measurement. 

EMRP project Metrology for decommissioning nuclear facilities (ENV54 MetroDecom) has now integrated this facility into a decommissioning site at the European Commission's Joint Research Center (JRC) in Ispra for real waste testing. This new large-scale industrial prototype is characterised by unique lead-free shielding and will improve the throughput, accuracy, reliability, modularity and mobility of segregation and free release measurement thereby reducing the amount of waste and providing a substantial economic benefit to Europe.

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