New EMPIR project on hydrogen fuel measurement draws attention from industry

Electric vehicle and hydrogen refueling station

More than 90 delegates attended online event supporting development of standardised measurement methods for hydrogen fuel

Over 90 participants attended the recent first stakeholder meeting for EMPIR project Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2 (19ENG04, MetroHyve 2), including representatives of Hydrogen Europe as well as major European car manufacturers. The aims of this first meeting were to introduce the project and its objectives to the stakeholders and to make the transition between the achievements of earlier EMPIR project Metrology for hydrogen vehicles (16ENG01, MetroHyVe) and 19ENG04 MetroHyVe 2 ambitions for the next three years.

This EMPIR project is working to develop a metrological, traceable framework for testing hydrogen dispensing meters at hydrogen refueling stations. The effects of long-term usage on sensors and analysers at the stations will be examined and the first harmonised hydrogen sampling methodologies and reference materials will be developed and implemented. New field-validated primary standards for type-approval and initial verification of hydrogen refuelling stations will be made available allowing customers to be charged correctly when refuelling heavy-duty vehicles. These new measurement capabilities are expected to enable fuel quality to comply to legislation and will be critical for unlocking the potential for wider deployment of hydrogen for heavy-duty road transport in Europe.

Thomas Bacquart from NPL, and project coordinator, said

'This was a fantastic event with great engagement from European stakeholders and even from North America and Asia. It demonstrated the large interest of hydrogen industry in measurement and leads to new industrial collaborations and interactions with standardisation bodies.’


This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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