New Advanced Manufacturing network votes in its first Chairpersons

As a new-age branch of industry that offers the potential to revolutionise production lines and promote environmental sustainability, advanced manufacturing is quickly becoming an integral part of the European economy.

EURAMET’s newly-formed European Metrology Network (EMN) for Advanced Manufacturing aims to provide critical measurement support for this sector of industry. The EMN will drive collaboration across the metrology community for advanced manufacturing, helping to foster new methods for assuring the quality of both manufacturing processes and the resulting end products.

On 14 January 2022, network members voted in their first Chair, Harald Bosse, PTB. Vice-Chairs were also elected - Georges Favre, LNE for Section Advanced Materials; Daniel O’Connor, NPL for Section Smart Manufacturing Systems; and Alessandro Balsamo, INRiM for Section Manufactured Components & Products. Finally, members voted in a new Secretary, Anita Przyklenk, PTB.



Through their expertise and extended backgrounds in relevant fields, the newly-elected leaders will aid the development of the network as a whole - with their terms running until February 2025.

As well as voting in these Chairpersons, a network logo was also decided upon. The chosen icon combines the symbol of a gear, representing a typical manufactured complex component, and a symbol of interconnected points, representing autonomously interacting manufacturing systems in flexible and smart advanced manufacturing infrastructures.   

EURAMET would like to congratulate all elected candidates and wish them all the best in their future roles!


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