Nano materials symposium highlights solar cell research

ALTECH2017 conference highlights excellence of European Metrology projects.

Symposium for precise characterisation of nano materials dedicates special session to work from two EMRP projects

EU targets for the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient devices have driven the rapid growth of solar radiation as a viable energy source. The efficiency of current photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, used to generate electricity from solar radiation, needs to be increased. In addition, advanced materials used for PV solar cells, such as those based on complex thin films, need to be developed and characterised. 

EMRP project Traceable characterisation of thin-film materials for energy applications (ENG53 ThinErgy) has developed the measurements needed to characterise the structure of thin films and their novel properties for use in PV devices. EMRP project Metrology for III-V materials based high efficiency multi-junction solar cells (ENG51 SolCell) has developed the metrological tools required to increase the efficiency of PV devices.

The ThinErgy project partners organised the 4-day ALTECH 2017 symposium – “Analytical techniques for precise characterization of nano materials” where 140 high-quality papers from 23 countries around the world were presented. It was held as part of the European Materials Research Society Spring Meeting and included a special session dedicated to results from the two projects. 

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