Milestone: First calibration guide for volumetric method

Due to the lack of international documentation on calibration of volume measurements using the volumetric method the EURAMET TC-Flow decided to create guidelines and to harmonize procedures and concepts in that field of metrology. In 2010 the EURAMET research project 1158 was created. Volume specialists from different European National Metrology Institutes participated in the elaboration of this fundamental document.

The result is the first calibration guide for volume measurements using the volumetric method: EURAMET Calibration Guide 21.

Several topics are explained in detail in this guide:

  • Specific definitions related with volumetric calibration,
  • General techniques, such as ambient and water calibration conditions, cleaning, meniscus adjustment and expansion coefficient of water,
  • The calibration procedure using the filling method and using the withdrawing method,
  • The mathematic equation for determination of volume,
  • The procedure for estimating measurement uncertainty and
  • A practical case study is described.

Target Group
Main users of this guide will be accredited laboratories, industry and national metrology laboratories that are performing measurements on volume of liquid.


For download please go to EURAMET Calibration Guides

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