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Metrology Partnership project on energy storage materials develops new cell designs

Electric car battery pack interface

Developing improved energy storage materials that will help Europe become climate-neutral

Metrology Partnership project Operando metrology for energy storage materials (21GRD01, OpMetBat) is working to establish traceable, validated and quantitative operando methodology for energy storage materials suitable for use in battery systems. The term ‘operando’ refers to studying electrode material in a working cell while the system changes under an external influence, as opposed to ‘in situ’ where the cell is in a static condition.

Advanced spectroscopy techniques are being used, improving upon current approaches in terms of sensitivity, accuracy and spatial resolution. New hybrid methods will be developed, allowing multiple measurements to be made on batteries during operation, establishing the links between material properties and cell performance. The project will also publish the first good practice guide on how to improve repeatability and accuracy of measurements on energy materials. The work is being performed in conjunction with battery and car manufacturers to ensure results are translatable to real-world applications.

Recent project developments include:

  • Two new cell designs for operando spectroscopy of energy storage materials were successfully manufactured by HZB (Germany) and NPL (UK) and have now been distributed to project partners for testing. Once validated, the designs will be made available for widespread adoption by scientists across industry and the research and metrology communities.
  • CEA-LNHB (France) determined new experimental values of x-ray fundamental quantities (attenuation coefficients) for manganese, a component used for high-capacity energy storage materials. These basic quantities are widely used among the x-ray fluorescence techniques communities in applications such as chemical analysis of materials.

MDPI Journal Special Issue

Manuscript submissions are invited for the forthcoming special issue of Batteries Journal entitled Mechanistic Understanding of Electrochemical and Chemical Reactions in Batteries with Operando and In-Situ Methods offers the opportunity to explore the complex reactions and processes in different battery systems.

The special issue contains several studies that apply operando or in situ methods to the analysis of half or whole cells, providing valuable insights into cell chemistry and degradation mechanisms. The methods presented range from X-ray diffraction to impedance spectroscopy and various forms of spectroscopy. The battery systems studied include Li-ion batteries, metal/sulphur batteries, alloy anodes and redox flow batteries.

Project participant Dr. Sebastian Risse from HZB acts as guest editor for this special issue, underlining the commitment to deepening knowledge in the field of battery research.

Deadline for manuscript submissions to the journal special issue: 1 July 2024

Project Coordinator Burkhard Beckhoff from PTB said

‘The OpMetBat project got off to a very good start: novel battery cells were designed and manufactured, basic procedures for the operando EIS were developed and extensive experimental work on pristine and post-mortem materials was successfully carried out. Furthermore, the foundations for operando good practice guides were laid and long-term quantitative x-ray spectroscopic experiments under operando conditions on novel LiS materials performed successfully. These topics shall be addressed in the articles in the upcoming special edition of the journal.’

This Metrology Partnership project has received funding from the European Partnership on Metrology, co-financed by the European Union Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme and from the Participating States.

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