Liaison between the International Atomic Energy Agency and EURAMET

EURAMET is delighted to announce that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) became an official Liaison Organisation of EURAMET. “We appreciate the mutually beneficial relationship with IAEA and welcome the organisation within our community”, comments Dr Kamal Hossain, EURAMET Chairperson. Due to its open and transparent way of working, EURAMET maintains permanent relationships with governmental and non-governmental national or international organisations and institutions with activities relating to the field of metrology.

IAEA and EURAMET already have a common history of collaboration in a series of important fields: Both organisations are working for improvements in the CIPM MRA, disseminate the units for ionising radiation to a working level and exchange technical expertise in committees and research projects. Lena Johansson, Chair of EURAMET’s Technical Committee on Ionising Radiation (TC IR) is delighted that EURAMET’s Delegates approved IAEA as Liaison Organisation. “The IAEA has for a long time been closely linked to the work of the TC IR ensuring traceability for secondary standard dosimetry laboratories worldwide and contributing to the CMCs reviews of our TC. The official recognition is the basis for further co-operation between the organisations to benefit ionising radiation metrology.”

IAEA is based in Vienna, Austria, and is the world's centre of cooperation in the nuclear field. The agency plays a key role in disseminating radiation metrology standards to Member States. The Division of Human Health of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, assists Member States in utilizing nuclear technology safely and effectively in nuclear energy, environmental monitoring and radiation therapy. This mandate is supported by the IAEA Section of Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics (DMRP) and its Dosimetry Laboratory. DMRP works on the development of dosimetry protocols and recommendations on quality assurance in medical physics and is responsible for various IAEA projects in medical radiation physics, whereas the Dosimetry Laboratory operates dosimetry services to Member States. The overall objective of the IAEA Dosimetry Laboratory is to improve the accuracy of dosimetry in radiation therapy and radiation protection in Member States.

“Being EURAMET’s Liaison Organisation will enable us to receive first-hand information on EURAMET activities through the participation in EURAMET meetings as an observer, including potential contributions of IAEA experts to EURAMET Technical Committees’ work. The EURAMET research activities within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research may also be of potential interest for future co-operation”, comments the first IAEA representative for EURAMET matters, Dr Ahmed Meghzifene, Head of the DMRP.
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