Laboratory Medicine Network candidates elected for next term

TraceLabMed members vote in a new chair & vice-chair, and re-elect network secretary for another term

The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine is continuing to provide vital measurement support to healthcare systems across Europe. In just the past few months, the network has partnered with several key calibration laboratories, held a stakeholder workshop on nucleic acid metrology, and much more besides to support the accuracy and validity of medical diagnoses.

More recently, to reiterate their objective as an EMN - to improve the traceability of laboratory medicine in Europe - members voted in a new chair and vice-chair, and re-elected the secretary for a new term.

Announced on 19 July 2022, after a written vote, the elected candidates are the following:

  • EMN Chair: Vincent Delatour, LNE (France)
  • EMN Vice-Chair: Gavin O’Connor, PTB (Germany)
  • EMN Secretary: David Auerbach, PTB (Germany) – re-elected candidate


The requirement of a 50% quorum has been fulfilled for each election. These candidates will hold the above positions for the new term of office, from July 2022 to July 2025.

In a recent statement, the new Chair, Vincent Delatour, commented on his future plans for the EMN:

“In addition to establishing a list of priority measurands, for which reference methods and CRMs are urgently needed, a key challenge for the EMN will be to establish R&D roadmaps of NMIs activities. This will require assessment of the NMIs’ smart specialization which is key to achieving the sustainability of the network. The breath and depth of NMIs capabilities, driven by stakeholders needs, is key for the actual implementation of reference measurement systems”.

Congratulations to the new Chair, the new Vice-Chair, and the re-elected Secretary. We wish you all the best in your future roles!

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