Joint EURAMET - WELMEC Focus Group established

The Focus Group on Facilitating National Metrology Infrastructure has been formally established as joint EURAMET-WELMEC Focus Group at its last meeting which was held in December 2010 in Budva, Montenegro. Already at the first meeting of the Focus Group in 2008 the idea was raised to have it as a joint forum for EURAMET and WELMEC in order to develop synergies by combining scientific, industrial and legal metrology matters in one joint Focus Group.


A Memorandum of Understanding between EURAMET and WELMEC was signed in May 2010. Based on this MoU, new Terms of Reference for the FG have been prepared and approved by the EURAMET Board of Directors and the WELMEC Committee. Thus the way was paved for the establishment of the joint group which can be considered as first concrete implication of the MoU. The Focus Group is concerned with facilitating cooperation and acceleration of the integration process of EURAMET members and associates and WELMEC associates into existing EURAMET and WELMEC structures.


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