Interview with Leslie Pendrill on rtve, Spain

10 Feb 2012: Interview with Leslie Pendrill, EURAMET Chairperson on rtve (Spain) - English language broadcast


Frank Smith talks to Leslie Pendrill, the Chairperson of EURAMET, a Europe-wide body with 38 members from across the Continent. EURAMET incorporates national metrological agencies, which seek to guarantee reliable standards in measurement. Although British, Leslie Pendrill has worked in Sweden for thirty years and is research director of that country's metrological institute as well as head of EURAMET. These scientists research, experiment and control the way we measure things--mass, distance, time, or anything else which can be quantified by size or duration. Metrology is something we all take for granted because it affects our everyday lives, but few of us know to what lengths these scientists go to ensure that the things we buy, consume, use, or even wait for are standardised around the world. The board of directors of EURAMET met in Madrid this week.


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