International workshop on Metrology for Meteorology and Climate

During the last years, the worldwide interaction between the communities in Metrology and Meteorology has improved and increased. One example is EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programme. The programme is funding several Joint Research Projects aiming at delivering results of valuable impact for the meteorology and climatology sciences such as traceability of measurements and uncertainties of measured physical and chemical quantities describing the Earth's atmosphere.

The three days scientific conference deals with several aspects of measurements for meteorology, climate and oceanography and includes sessions on instrumentation and measurement methods. The workshop is open for international participation of meteorologists, metrologists, physicists, students and scientific journalists.

Call for papers
A selected number of peer reviewed full papers will be published in a special issue of Meteorological Applications, the SCI journal of the UK Royal Meteorological Society.
Other full papers, as well as extended abstracts and communications that authors consider to submit, will be considered for publication in the open source web journal Acta IMEKO.

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