International Congress of Metrology

EURAMET was one of the organising partners of the International Congress of Metrology in Paris, France, between 3 - 6 October 2011 organised by the Collège Français de Métrologie.


Around 800 scientists, academics, quality managers and measurement professionals attended the Congress to view exhibits from a variety of metrology organisations and listen to a series of about 140 talks and presentations.


EURAMET had an exhibition stand amongst about 50 such stands at the Congress; hosted a session of talks entitled ‘European Metrology Research Programmes: Meeting the industrial challenges of tomorrow’, and presented posters for each of the 21 recently completed iMERA-Plus projects. Other individual EURAMET EMRP projects were also presented orally or as posters in various sessions during the Congress.


The iMERA-Plus posters were on display throughout the 4‑day event and were the focal point in the main registration area. All of these posters can now be found on the EMRP publicity page, where they can be downloaded along with other EMRP promotional material.


The International Congress of Metrology 2011 increased awareness of EURAMET’s work and the importance of collaborative metrology research projects, such as those funded by the EMRP, in the wider metrology community.

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