Inclusion of researcher methodology in IEC standard

Full Time-Domain EMI System performing an in-situ measurement of a large facility

EMC Time-domain methodology developed by REG UPC included in the first draft of Annex B of IEC 62920 standard

A new time-domain electromagnetic emissions alternative test method based on a general purpose oscilloscopes has been developed and tested by researchers from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya within EMRP project Improved EMC test methods in industrial environments (IND60 EMC Industry). The final result is a fast, reliable new testing method.

Time domain emissions measurements reduce the time needed to cover all the frequency range required by the standards. The one shot oscilloscope measurement is very useful in difficult measuring scenarios such as industrial in-situ measurements. This methodology has been included in the first draft of Annex B of IEC 62920 Edition 1.0: EMC requirements and test methods for power conversion equipment applying to photovoltaic power generating systems.

Through the inclusion of new methodologies in standards, this project will fill the gaps in the electromagnetic compatibility testing of large equipment and help companies evaluate their products while they design them, in order to identify and solve any problems early on in the development process.

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