HLT01 Ears Project Newsletter

EMRP project: 'Metrology for a universal ear simulator and the perception of non-audible sound' (HLT01 Ears) has launched a biannual newsletter containing articles about the aims and organisation of the joint research project (JRP) as well as research results.


JRP HLT01 aims to help protect hearing by improving our understanding of how we perceive non-audible sound and establishing effective safety criteria based on this. New ear simulators will also be produced to calibrate equipment such as headphones used in scientific hearing studies, improving the quality and reliability of measurement results.


The first edition of the newsletter is already available to download on the JRP website and you can also subscribe to receive regular editions of the newsletter, to be sent direct to your email inbox.


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Find out more about the funded projects from EMRP Call 2011 - Health, SI Broader Scope and New Technologies


For more information please contact the JRP-Coordinator Christian Koch


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