High temperature measurement at the International Congress of Metrology

The International Congress of Metrology was held in October 2013 in Paris, France. The event takes place every two years and offers the opportunity to understand the latest technical developments in measurement, explore industrial challenges and develop solutions that will enhance innovation and performance.

As one of the organisers, EURAMET was represented by more than 25 presentations, posters and workshops, for example on “High temperature metrology for industrial applications”:
The reliable measurement of high temperatures (>1300 K) is both problematic but also essential for the success of many industrial processes. The objective of the European Metrology Research Programme project IND01 “High temperature metrology for industrial applications” (HiTeMS) is to improve, on a broad front, the measurement of high temperatures both by contact and non-contact thermometry. A well attended industry focused discussion workshop reporting the first results of HiTeMS was held at the International Congress of Metrology on 9 October 2013. The objective of this workshop was to ensure that a wide range of industries are able to benefit from the new measurement methods developed in the project. The workshop was open to anyone who was interested in improving the measurement of high temperatures. It was clear that although HiTeMS is addressing a number of important temperature measurement challenges a significant number remain to be addressed.

More detailed presentations of some of the research highlights of the HiTeMS project were presented on 10th October in the Temperature poster session in the morning and as oral presentations in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, 14th May 2014 there will be a half day HiTeMS dissemination workshop at CNAM/LNE Paris – details will be announced on the HiTeMS website.

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