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Five organisations reinforce and promote European Quality Infrastructure

Signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding of the European Quality Infrastructure Network

CEN, CENELEC, EA, EURAMET, and WELMEC join forces to reinforce and promote the European Quality Infrastructure

On 7 March, the five Regional Quality Infrastructure Organisations of Europe, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Committee for electrotechnical standardization (CENELEC), the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), the Association of the National Metrology Institutes in Europe (EURAMET), and the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology (WELMEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the European Ql Network.


The network partners are organisations who represent, with a unique voice, their areas of activity.

Through the agreement, the network partners pledge to collaborate to strengthen the quality infrastructure in Europe, including:

  • Raising awareness of Quality Infrastructure and its benefits towards industry stakeholders and the European Commission;
  • Increasing the understanding and visibility of each other's services and activities;
  • Sharing information on matters of common interest and opportunities;
  • Representing the European Quality Infrastructure at the international level.

Overall, the five signatories are committed to pooling their expertise in the fields of metrology, standardisation, accreditation, conformity assessment and market surveillance to support and enhance the quality, safety and environmental soundness of goods, services, and processes.

The timing of the creation of the network in the run up to the next European Elections is particularly relevant, as it provides the partners with the opportunity to identify policy priorities to strengthen the European quality infrastructure especially and influence the new upcoming EU legislative agenda.


Statements from the partner organisations:

Elena Santiago, Director General, CEN and CENELEC:

“This timely initiative is a historic milestone! The world is continuously changing, and the European Single Market demands a well-defined and effective Quality Infrastructure. The Network will enable consistency and coherence for Industry, Academia, societal stakeholders and regulators. We look forward to working together with our Partners and the European institutions to exploit the strengths of the European Quality Infrastructure.” 


Dr Andreas Steinhorst, Executive Secretary, EA:

“Given the critical role of a well-functioning Quality Infrastructure for Trade, as well as its impact on everyone’s daily life, the establishment of this European Network is a crucial milestone for Europe. It will serve policy makers and industries to meet challenges and expectations brought about by globalization. EA is committed to collaborating with the Network Partners to enhance the European Quality Infrastructure and make it fit for the future.”


Dr Mikko Merimaa, General Secretary, EURAMET:

"The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding represents a shared vision for a more resilient and efficient quality infrastructure in Europe. By working closer together, we can uphold the highest standards of quality and ensure the safety and reliability of products and services for consumers and businesses and for the benefit of Europe’s citizens."


Jan Deconinck, Vice-Chair, WELMEC:

“The co-operation of these five organizations, each representing a different aspect of the quality infrastructure, will help strengthen and enhance that infrastructure in Europe for the benefit of consumers and industry alike. Metrology specifically, but also Quality in general, is all about building trust. The signing of this MoU is the first step in building and enhancing that trust collectively.”


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