First steps of European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR)

As in 2009 with the EMRP, EMPIR will be “working ahead of contract” in 2014. Calls will be launched while negotiations in the Council of the European Union, Parliament, and Commission continue. It is expected that negotiations will come to a close and hence final decisions will be made in 2014.

The focus for EMPIR in 2014 is meeting industrial needs and support innovation. Additionally the programme will include new ideas such as “Research Potential” projects aimed at developing scientific and technical capabilities in the participating states and “JRP extensions” aimed at enabling completed iMERA-Plus and EMRP projects to deliver extra impact through additional dissemination and exploitation activities.

By mid-January 2014 a call for referees will be launched. The EMPIR Referees will evaluate and assess the project proposals for the new programme. Interested people will be able to register via a secure website for the duration of the programme. Further information will soon be announced at this website.

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