First impact report on Metrology for Environment projects published

A new report outlines the key technical achievements and early impacts of the first group of projects completed under the EMRP Environment theme.

The report explores the new measurement capabilities developed as a result of the collaborations within the Environment projects. Forty-five metrology research groups came together with academia, industry and public environment agencies to improve data quality and stimulate the development of innovative technologies, to support an improved quality of life for European citizens. The research focused on two areas: increasing our understanding and assessment of climate change, and ensuring a safe, clean environment.

The report summarises the measurement challenges and highlights key technical achievements and early examples of the impact generated, illustrating the successful uptake of new knowledge and skills. Case studies focus more closely on the benefits already being delivered to end-users including the climatology community, environmental monitoring agencies and laboratories, and key measurement instrumentation suppliers.

The nine projects were the first to be carried out as part of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP), which combines the knowledge, expertise and facilities of Europe's measurement community to address global challenges in areas such as energy, environment and health.

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