First EURAMET contributions published on the BIPM e-Learning platform

Landing page of BIPM's e-learning platform

First contributions from the EURAMET community have been uploaded to the e-Learning platform of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (BIPM)


EURAMET recognised the benefits of an online learning approach during the COVID-19 pandemic and started to set up its own e-learning platform.

When the BIPM initiated the opening of its e-learning platform for all Regional Metrology Organisations (RMOs), EURAMET took the opportunity to join.


This initiative was motivated by the aim to improve research and the operational capacities of European National Metrology Institute (NMIs) and Designated Institute (DIs), especially those with emerging metrology needs.

These could stem from capacity building activities for existing and new staff and opening new areas of operations.

EURAMET’s contribution to the e-learning platform is based on the willingness of experts and institutes to share their materials with the international metrology community and come from NMIs and DIs, EURAMET bodies, projects within EURAMET’s research programmes and external institutions.

The training material on the platform is available not only to the EURAMET community but also to a wider metrology audience including other RMOs or even the interested public, depending on the consent of the authors.

The content in EURAMET’s section of the platform is planned in consultation with different EURAMET bodies, such as the Working Group for Capacity Building (BOD-WGCB), Technical Committees (TCs), European Metrology Networks, other RMOs and the BIPM. An editor coordinates all activities, while the Advisory Board oversees the need for training courses in its entirety.


The themes that are covered come from technical areas, as well as horizontal topics (e.g., CIPM MRA, quality infrastructure), topics related to the operation of EURAMET and its members, and NMI/DI management and communication.

The facilitated review of the materials by competent peer experts is foreseen and access to the materials is free of charge.


EURAMET has already published 6 e-learning courses:


For further development of these materials, EURAMET invites the TCs and other bodies to prepare relevant contributions. The Joint Research Projects and Small Collaborative Projects are invited to plan the development of e-learning materials in the design phase of their projects.

EURAMET’s Secretariat provides basic instructions to authors on how to prepare their materials from previous events.

In case of further questions or comments, please contact EURAMET Secretariat.

Please visit to register for the platform.


EURAMET would like to take this opportunity to express deepest gratitude to the BIPM for its initiative and continuous support and to all authors for their valuable contributions.


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