European Partnership on Metrology included in first EC Performance Report

Dashboard for key performance indicators
Dashboard for key performance indicators

Publication of Biennial Monitoring Report 2022 on Partnerships in Horizon Europe

The Performance of European Partnerships - Biennial Monitoring Report 2022 on Partnerships in Horizon Europe  has just been published. The report aims to provide a strong and continuously evolving evidence base to guide the implementation of European Partnerships throughout their life cycles, and to inform strategic discussions on Horizon Europe’s new policy approach to them.

The 37 European Partnerships, including EURAMET’s Metrology Partnership, are a key instrument for the implementation of Horizon Europe and the European Research Area. They allow the European Union to team up with public and private partners to help speed up new solutions for the green and digital transitions and to strengthen Europe’s resilience.



The section about the Metrology Partnership begins on page 245 of the report.

The Online launch event for the report took place on 16 May 2022, and is available for viewing.

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