EURAMET’s Climate and Ocean European Metrology Network launches a new survey

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The European Metrology Network for Climate and Ocean Observation calls for direct stakeholder input with a new online survey and an upcoming workshop

Since its launch earlier this year, EURAMET’s European Metrology Network (EMN) for Climate and Ocean Observation has been supporting the integration of measurement science with climate and ocean research. The EMN continues to foster collaboration between European metrology institutes and researchers in wide-ranging environmental science fields, helping to improve our understanding and mitigation strategies for climate change, and ensuring the EU is able to meet its ever-demanding environmental targets.

Recently, the EMN has set up an online survey covering several areas of environmental metrology research, with the aim of identifying the priorities and needs of climate and ocean observation communities. The insight and thoughts of survey participants will influence the development of European metrology and designated institutes – in addition to better informing their research direction and ensuring high quality services are provided to stakeholders. The EMN invites all members of climate and ocean observation communities to take part in the survey to have their say in future measurement activities.

The survey is made up of 6 key areas of interest:

  • climate and ocean observation networks 
  • earth observation satellites 
  • essential climate / ocean variables (ECVs/ EOVs)
  • information services built on ECVs / EOVs 
  • data centre services
  • commissioning and funding ECV / EOV services.

Responses will be included in a summary report that will be published before the EMN’s upcoming workshop – to be held at the NPL,Teddington, UK on 12-13 February 2020. Survey participants are invited to attend the follow-up prioritisation workshop to elaborate on their ideas and discuss the survey results – with the aim of helping the EMN to develop a prioritised list of its community’s needs for guiding its future metrological research.

To share your thoughts as an EMN stakeholder, participate in the online survey now.

Please also register to attend the EMN’s upcoming stakeholder workshop as soon as possible.

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