Erkki Ikonen’s term as Vice-Chairperson (EMPIR) ended

We would like to extend our thanks to Erkki Ikonen (VTT and Aalto University, Finland), for all his hard work and successes during his two terms as EURAMET’s Vice-Chairperson (EMPIR).


Across his 6 years as Vice-Chairperson, Erkki contributed greatly to both European Metrology Research Programmes, EMRP and EMPIR, including chairing the EMPIR Committee responsible for the governance and implementation of the research programmes, and working towards the European Partnership on Metrology, to develop an effective, coordinated and self-sustaining measurement system for Europe by 2030.

During Erkki’s term, the final report on EMRP was completed and the mid-term evaluation of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) was successfully concluded.

These programmes have had a huge impact on metrology and beyond, funding hundreds of projects with participants from across Europe, addressing research areas including energy, the environment, and health.

EURAMET asked Erkki about his time as Vice-Chairperson (EMPIR):
What were some of the main topics you covered during your term?
Chairing the EMPIR Committee between 2016 and 2021, one of the most important subjects was the development of a future partnership fostering metrological research in Europe and beyond. It is really a great pleasure that we have now completed an important step towards the European Partnership on Metrology with its approval by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union in mid-November 2021.
What did you view as particularly important to achieve?
One of the key features of EURAMET research programmes is the high success rate of proposals as compared with other EU programmes. It is good to see that the EMPIR committee has a strong motivation to keep this feature unchanged.
What did you enjoy most in your role as Vice-Chairperson?
I liked to work with EMPIR committee members, to prepare, discuss, decide, and then go on to the next topic. The committee members are very effective in their work and I hope that they will be able to progress even further and achieve more when it becomes possible to arrange on-site events again.

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