Energy Gases EMN launches new services platform

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Biogas power plant

To support Europe’s energy transition to renewable gaseous fuels, EURAMET’s European Metrology Network (EMN) for Energy Gases is continuing to provide crucial measurement expertise to society and industry.

As part of their continuing initiatives to support this transition, the EMN has recently launched a freely-available services platform to boost the dissemination and knowledge transfer of metrological services in the energy gases sector.

Through the launch of this single, easy-to-use platform, the EMN hopes to provide customers with access to available energy gas measurement services across Europe. The interface advertises measurement and calibration services, including those that have been developed in previous EURAMET European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR). The services range from flow and gas composition, to material testing and calorimetry.

The services platform aims to support the entire spectrum of both the European and international gas industry, including energy gas producers, gas users, and gas distributors who may need measurement services. The platform also strives to help testing, inspection and certification laboratories that may, for instance, require interlaboratory comparisons or a demonstration of metrological traceability.

Karine Arrhenius, a representative of the network from Sweden’s National Metrology Institute (RISE), comments:

“We are very pleased that the platform is now developed. It was an important achievement for the Energy Gases EMN, and we are looking forward to many interesting interactions with the European and International gas industry in the near future.”

The platform incorporates services provided by several EMN members that specialise in metrology for energy gases – including BAM, BFKH, CEM, LNE-LADG/Cesame-Exadebit, GUM, INRIM, IPQ, JV, LNE, IMBIH, NEL, NPL, PTB, RISE, TUBITAK, VSL and VTT.

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