EMRP results used by industry to improve microwave inspection equipment

Image of a 24 GHz transducer in use for inspection of one of the reference defect artefacts produced within the VITCEA project

Modifications identified by EMPR project (ENG57 VITCEA) could remove unwanted standing waves from microwave transducers

Early outputs from EMRP project Validated inspection techniques for composites in energy applications (ENG57 VITCEA) are already being used by end-users and developers in industry. Results on the simulation of microwave inspection for reference defect artefacts, based on work undertaken at PTB (Germany), were provided to a key supplier of microwave inspection equipment.

VITCEA is developing traceable procedures for novel non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques, which will underpin the increased use of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites for improved efficiency and reliability in energy-related applications, such as wind turbine blades.

The work undertaken in VITCEA has highlighted some potential modifications that could be made to microwave transducers to reduce or even eliminate unwanted standing wave formations. As a result, a key supplier will be using similar modelling software, to that used in the project, to improve its equipment's design.

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