EMRP Project 'Metrology for Energy Harvesting': Achievements published in the Energy Harvesting Journal

An article summarising some of the achievements of the EMRP project: ‘Metrology for Energy Harvesting’ (ENG02 Harvesting) has been published as the leading story in the Energy Harvesting Journal.


JRP ENG02 will develop sources of sustainable energy from human activity and natural processes. The harvesting and utilisation of a small fraction of energy wasted as heat and vibration from human and environmental processes could contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions. This project aims to develop new technologies, devices and measurement methods that enable the exploitation of waste energy to provide small, but reliable and sustainable, sources of power.


The article follows interviews between the editor of the Energy Harvesting Journal and Paul Weaver (JRP-Partner NPL) and Torsten Funk (JRP-Partner PTB). The article provides a positive and detailed assessment of some of areas of the JRP’s progress over the past two years and includes links to the JRP’s website.


The Energy Harvesting Journal is a respected publication written by expert analysts at IDTechEx. The article on JRP ENG02 will also feature in the journal’s weekly e-bulletin which is sent out to over 7,500 professionals and academics working in the field.


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More information information about the EMRP project: ‘Metrology for Energy Harvesting’ is available on the EURAMET website under:


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