EMPIR project showcased in industrial thermometry workshop

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Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement

Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement 2 (17IND04, EMPRESS 2) is aimed at enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement. It has an associated community of about 150 interested stakeholders. On Thursday 7 October National Measurement Institute NPL hosted a one-day online EMPRESS 2 stakeholder community workshop to bring together 121 scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industrial establishments from across Europe and beyond.


Presentations and discussions centered on:

  • the latest developments in traceable temperature measurement for process control
  • end users’ requirements and challenges

Particular emphasis was given in the plenary discussion to practical implementation of the redefined SI unit the kelvin, with keynote presentations on the kelvin redefinition. Emphasis was also given to the joint Metrosol-NPL development of a high stability practical Johnson noise thermometer. The technical sessions focused on the themes of the EMPIR project, namely applications of surface thermometry, thermocouple thermometry, combustion thermometry and fibre-optic thermometry.

Industrial applications benefitting from the EMPIR project outputs are numerous and include:

  • quartz glass manufacturing
  • submarine manufacturing
  • forging and forming
  • aerospace heat treatment
  • automotive braking systems
  • silicon processing
  • steel manufacturing
  • nuclear decommissioning and waste storage
  • waste incineration
  • gas turbine development.

Presentations were given by NPL, Metrosol Limited, AFRC, Princeton University / HiT Nano, PTB, Heraeus Conamic, CCPI Europe, Technical University of Denmark, Land Instruments, University of Strathclyde, Oxsensis, and University of Southampton.

Project Coordinator Jonathan Pearce from NPL said

‘This workshop brought together diverse specialists in temperature measurement and control from industry, academia and government to discuss challenges and solutions to a wide range of process measurement and control problems. EMPRESS 2 has substantially advanced the state of the art in many of these areas, particularly surface temperature measurement, thermocouples (the most common temperature sensor in industry), combustion and flame thermometry, and fibre-optic thermometry – and has generated a substantial portfolio of industry trials and early uptake to prove it.’.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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