EMPIR project develops new silicon device and measurement guidelines

Integrated microspectrometer in silicon photonics

Company licences two patent applications; best practice guide available

Recently completed EMPIR project ‘Metrology for the photonics industry – optical fibres, waveguides and applications’ (14IND13, PhotInd) has developed improved measurement techniques for the latest generation of photonic components such as fibers, waveguides, sensors, spectrometers or multiplexers, which are used in many rapidly growing areas such as aviation, telecommunications and the automotive industry.

These techniques will underpin the development and manufacture of these components, strengthening the competitiveness of the European photonics industry, enabling innovation and providing faster, cheaper data connections. 

New silicon devices

The innovative silicon photonic devices developed within the project offer a remarkable opportunity for technological transfer, as showcased by the recent creation of the spin-off company Alcyon Photonics, which is already licensing two of the patent applications created within this project.

Best practice guide

Measurement techniques developed within the project are outlined in good practice guide developed within the project Guidelines on measurement procedures for high power fibre optics. This is relavant to applications such as aerospace, automotive, military, ship building, printing and medical devices.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States.

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