EMPIR Call 2020: Finalisation of evaluation process

The evaluation process of the Stage 2 Call for 2020 has been finalised

Following the Review Conference held in November 2020, where external independent referees evaluated and ranked the proposals, the EMPIR Committee agreed on a final list of selected projects to fund. The following project proposals have been selected and will be invited for contract negotiation:


  • Metrology for the recycling of Technology Critical Elements to support Europe's circular economy agenda
  • Dynamic applications of large volume metrology in industry of tomorrow environments
  • RF Measurements for future communications applications
  • Traceable metrology of soft X-ray to IR optical constants and nanofilms for advanced manufacturing
  • Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology
  • Metrology for trace water in ultra-pure process gases
  • Traceable industrial 3D roughness and dimensional measurement using optical 3D microscopy and optical distance sensors
  • Traceability of localised functional properties of nanostructures with high speed scanning probe microscopy
  • Metrology in manufacturing compound semiconductors for power electronics
  • Metrology for industrial decarbonisation
  • Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows
  • Electrical nanoscale metrology in industry
  • Sustainable advanced flow meter calibration for transport sector


  • Two-species composite atomic clocks
  • Pushing boundaries of nano-dimensional metrology by light
  • Two dimensional lattices of covalent- and metal-organic frameworks for the Quantum Hall resistance standard
  • Towards new primary activity standardisation methods based on low-temperature detectors
  • Single- and entangled photon sources for quantum metrology
  • Memristive devices as quantum standard for nanometrology
  • Microwave metrology for superconducting quantum circuits 
  • Next generation ultrastable lasers: reducing thermal noise limit and overcoming technical limitations with new materials and technologies


  • Metrology for temporal light modulation
  • Establishing metrology standards in microfluidic devices
  • Standardisation of measurements for DC electricity grids
  • Metrology for the determination of emissions of dangerous substances from building materials into indoor air
  • Improved metrology for quantitative MRI
  • Metrology for standardised seawater pHT measurements in support of international and European climate strategies 

Support for Networks 

  • Support for a European Metrology Network for clean energy
  • Support for a European Metrology Network on food safety
  • Support for a European Metrology Network on pollution monitoring

Support for Impact

The previous EMPIR/EMRP JRP that each SIP is linked to is shown in brackets

  • Developing an ISO Technical Specification “Characteristics for a stable ionisation vacuum gauge” to support uptake and dissemination of 16NRM05 results (16NRM05)
  • Transfer of developed pre-selection and free release technology to decommissioning industries (16ENV09)
  • New underpinning standards for improved bio-analytical measurement in infectious diseases (15HLT07)
  • Standardization of a quantitative Magneto-Optical Indicator Film based magnetic field measurement technique (15SIB06)
  • Knowledge Transfer for Optical Communications (IND51)


EURAMET would like to thank the following referees who evaluated proposals in 2020:

Mika AaltoTapio FabritiusRobert MaierEren Saglanmak
Osman AkinClaudio FerrariEtienne MaricqCharles Sammut
Mihaela AlbuAntoine FerreiraAndrea MariscottiAntonio Sarolic
Shakil AwanLuigi FerrignoNelson MartinsTatjana Sibalija
Daniela AxinteHarry FriedmannPietro Alberto MassignanIrena Sielamowicz
Tomasz BakonAdam GaskaTheodoros MertzimekisFrank Simonis
Ticijana BanFilippo GiannazzoMircea ModreanuGeorgios Sirakoulis
Jens BenderNicola GigliettoViviana MulloniLars Sjunnesson
Ricardo Bettencourt da SilvaBernard GindrozZilvinas NakutiVladimir Slugen
Horst BierauAnaïs GonzalezManfred NiehusEvgeni Sorokin
Xavier CalmetElke GoosHannes NowakVesna Spasojevic Brkic
Gustavo CancelasJan GoreckiFrancesco PellicanoMilada Stastna
Jasmina Casals-TerreFrans HarrenGiuseppe Persano AdornoEmmanuel Tangni
Costas CharitidManus HenryMilica PetrovicArto Toppinen
Thomas ChudobNineta HrasteljGerhard PevnyWilfried Van Sark
John Lloyd CollinsMuharrem KaraaslanAndras PoppeMichel Vermeulen
Laurent CouturierPekka KatilaMauro PravettoniAndrea Vicere
Robin CurryFriedrich KoenigTadeja Primozic MerkačMichel Vieillefosse
Robert DanneckerJaroslaw KoperskiVictoria RamosRudi Voncina
Anne DelilleAphrodite KtenaDanijela RandjelovicClaudia Wiemer
Jerome DelporteLuca LamagnaMaria Graça RasteiroMax Wiki
Raffaella Di SanteMartin LawrencePeter RolfeColin Wilmott
Zita DibacziJean-Paul LefevreAldo RonaMarcel Wirtz
Carles DomingoDariusz LitwinGerry RonanChristian Wittenburg
Richard DwightIvan LloroGianluca RossiPeter Zoon
Serpil EdebaliMaria Losurdo  

The 104 referees consisted of 80 men (76.9 %), 24 women (23.1 %) and represented 25 different nationalities.

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